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Smoking is an addiction

The reason most people get addicted to smoking is a chemical called nicotine that is found in tobacco

  • -Nicotine addition is the reason so many smokers keep smoking even when they want to quit
  • -Smokers who want to quit, but can't may find themselves frustrated by their repeated attempts at quitting

Scientist now belive that nicotine affects some people more than it does others

When you smoke

  • Smoke goes into lungs, & nicotine is rapidly absorbed into your blood
  • Nicotine reaches your brain in about 10 seconds
  • Smoking causes chemical changes in your brain that affect how you feel & active
  • The drug-like effects of nicotine include
  • -Feeling good when smoking
  • -Withdrawal symptoms such as craving and anxiety when exposure to nicotine is stopped
  • -Mental and physical dependence

Smoking consequences

  • -Every 6.5 second, someone dies from diseases related to tobacco use
  • -Worldwide, smoking causes nearly 5 million deathsevery year.
  • -Half of all smokers who begin to smoke as teenagers can be expected to die from tobacco use.
  • -Fatal heart attacks are 4 times more common in young men who smoke than n those who don't
  • -1 out of 3 cancer deaths is related to smoking

Smoking becomes part of your life

  • -If you smoked for a while, you may constantly need to satisfy the craving for nicotine.
  • -Think about how you arrange your day around smoking. You've lost a little bit of control of your life. So don't let smoking control you anymore.You can stop. You can get your life back.
  • -You may not realize that a lot of things you do every day are connected to smoking.
    • *For example, if you have a cigarette every time you drink a cup of coffee. You'll get to the point where you just cant't drink the coffee without wanting a cigarette.
  • -Here are some other everyday activities that may send you reaching for cigarette
    • * Waking in the morning
    • * Finishing a meal
    • * Watching TV
    • * Taking a break at work
    • * Driving
    • * Reading
    • * Drinking alcohol or coffee/ Tea
  • -To quit smoking, you need to learn to do everyday things without cigarettes. That'satisfy how you teach your brain to stop wanting nicitine.

Reasons To Quit

The early and long-tearm benefits of quitting

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for their health. but did you know that cigarette smoke contains about 4000 chemicals, some of which are known to cause cancer? The good news is that quitting can reverse the effects of smoking, starting almost right away.