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Mania & Hypomania

  • -elated mood
  • -increased activity & energy
  • -inability or unwillingness to sleep
  • -rapid speech, flow of ideas & thoughts
  • -inflated self-esteem
  • -irritability & impatience
  • -increased sexual drive & lack of sexual inhibitions
  • -loss of judgment & impuksive decision making
  • -irrational spending of money & involvement in questionable endeavors
  • -grandiose delusions

An early sign of bipolar mood disorder may be hypmania. This is a state in which the person shows a high level of energy, excessive moodiness or irritability, and impulsive or reckless behaviour. Hyoimania may feel good to the person who experiences this and the sufferer seldom thinks that anything is wrong and may object quite violently if anyone tries to print this out to him or her.

with experience, it is possible for some people to recognise their condition but often in an extreme state, all understanding is lost. It is not unusual for someone suffering an attack to break the law perhaps during a flight of fancy, about of excessive spending, committing a fraud, or fortunately, very rarely, of committing a physical assault.